Miscellaneous Parts

Miscellaneous Parts

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Lamp Flowtube - GFT716

Cynosure Apogee lamp flow tube
$145.00 *

Laser Rod Flow Tube - GFT717

Cynosure Apogee Laser Rod Flow Tube
$98.00 *

Flow Tube & O-Ring Kit - GKT730

Cynosure Apogee Flow Tube and O-Ring Kit


2 x Lamp Flow Tubes (GFT716)
1 x Laser Rod Flow Tube (GFT717)
4 x Lamp o-rings (GOR718 (8mm) or GOR719 (9mm))
6 x Laser Rod/Lamp flowtube o-rings (GOR720)

Saving over 10% on the cost of the individual parts

$420.00 *

New O-Ring 8mm lamp - GOR718

O-Ring to fit 8mm OD glass lamp

 Cynosure Apogee

$5.00 *

New O-Ring 9mm Lamp - GOR719

O-Ring to fit 9mm Glass Lamp

Cynosure Apogee

$5.00 *

New O-Ring to Fit Flow Tubes - GOR720

O-Ring to fit over Laser Rod Flowtube and Lamp Flowtubes of Cynosure Apogee system
$10.00 *

IPL Cavity O-Ring Set - GOR601

O-Ring set for refurbishment of of IPL cavities including:

Cosmolight / Candela Ellipse / DDD etc

I x Filter o-ring
2 x Lamp o-rings
2 x Cavity end block o-rings

$63.00 *

IPL Trigger Transformer - GT501

IPL Trigger transformer TR-180B,
suitable for a range of IPL Applicator heads
$140.00 *
* Prices exclude VAT (EU only) and delivery