Ophir Comet IPL Energy Meter - GEM5515

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The Comet IPL meter is calibrated taking into account that IPL systems are often optically coupled to the skin via gel or water.

The device is compact, simple to use, economical and accurate. The absorber with dimensions 15mm x 55mm is large enough to accommodate most IPL source. The meter is calibrated so as to be accurate ±8% for most IPL sources.

The precalibration includes entering the area of the IPL handpiece so as to give output in Joules/cm². Specifications Measurement modes: Joules/cm² output.

Minimum Energy: 10J Maximum Energy: 350J Reproducibility: ± 1.5J Absolute accuracy: ± 8% for most IPL sources Damage threshold: 150J/cm² for 10ms pulses Accomodates IPL sizes: up to 12x50mm

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